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spa philosophy

The secret of life lies within the search for beauty. - Oscar Wilde

Pałac Bielawa spa resurrects the magic of secession and its sophisticated style of the late 19th century. Quiet tones are accompanied by modern accents and advanced technologies of the 21st century. Our goal is to provide guests with mental and physical comfort, but also aesthetic experience - inspiration coming from timeless beauty.
Thanks to the stylish interior, relaxing music, among candlelight and the smell of lavender, orange and sandalwood aroma oils, under the care of our therapists, you will restore balance and inner peace, and above all - discover your unique beauty.

spa etiquette

First time at our spa? Please read our spa etiquette... and relax... at Pałacu Bielawa |spa| ! We kindly ask to book your treatments in advance. Thank you! We guarantee the highest quality of services: results that you expect and atmosphere that exceeds your expectations.

Each of us has inner beauty. The whole trick is to know how to discover it.
- Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt

menu spa

Beauty and harmony is something more than looks and health, beauty is a part of life which gives a sense of happiness and fulfilment when experienced. Beauty is a mystery that we will help you discover.

We want our guests - regardless of whether they spend fifteen minutes, an hour, a weekend or a whole week with us - to feel better and notice significant effects of our treatments.

pools & jacuzzi

Is there a finer feeling in the world than hopping into a hotel pool after a long day? Of course, when that pool just happens to be beautifully designed with a garden view out the window – all the better! A recreational pool with warm water is especially designed for Watsu therapy. In the longer 13 water pool you can do some laps.

Relax and take a dip in our Jacuzzi. The hot tub owes its popularity to many health-related benefits. The bath should not last longer than 15 minutes.

steam room

In the steam bath the temperature is 40-55°C and air humidity reaches 100%.
Fatigue, daily stress, air pollution, water and food pollution – all this has influence on human health.

The steam bath will eliminate the effects of fatigue, help remove toxins from the body, improve circulation and provide relaxation. We often use the steam bath, because heat and moist air have an extremely soothing effect.

finnish sauna

A real Finnish sauna is an incomparable experience and a must for everyone. It equally purifies the soul and body. The sauna air is heated by hot, uniformly arranged stones. The walls are made of wood, and the preferred temperature is 90-110°C. The hot and dry air causes profuse sweating. The steam generated by pouring hot stones with ionizes the air which in accordance with a Finnish folk tradition prevents fatigue, nervousness and anxiety. The sauna is relaxing and cleansing. It is easier to breathe in the sauna, which softens the skin and removes muscle and joint pain. Even high blood pressure is temporarily lowered. The sauna is a form of beauty care.

ice area and more...

Cold ice or a bath with cold water will refresh your body after a hot sauna session...

After a hot sauna cool yourself down with a bath in ice cold water, rub ice over your body, experience a tropical shower or just simply lay down and relax in our wellness area.