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A combination of three therapies in one: peeling with a composition of sea salt, minerals and natural essential oils, relaxing massage, and aromatherapy with pure essential oils: ylang ylang, Peru balsam, grapefruit and juniper. The treatment will give your skin an extraordinary radiance, smooth and firm it, cover with a unique scent.

A real gift from the sea. This treatment uses micronized algae, mineral salts and essential oils to firm and smooth your body. Relax and experience a touch of luxury while your skin is cleansed of toxins, stimulated, and absorbs the wealth of minerals, vitamins and enzymes contained in natural algae from the sea off the coast of France.

An innovative therapy which removes toxins, activates lipolysis, and acts as a diuretic. Micronized green coffee is rich in chlorogenic acid, proteins and oils, smooths the skin, eliminates cellulite and uneven skin. Your skin will be smooth, firm and properly hydrated.

Discover what our forefathers knew centuries ago. This treatment will gently reduce pain, and the peat sourced in moors and soaked in oil from pine needles will allow you to relax and re-gain well-being that will fill every inch of your body. This unique, black mud is rich in natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes that rejuvenate the skin and restore its healthy appearance. It is an excellent therapy for those prone to chronic pain or fatigue, rheumatic pain or injuries, and exhaustion felt during sports.