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Treatment for every skin type
The treatment starts with make-up removal and toning of the face. Then, the enzyme peeling is applied that perfectly removes dead skin and impurities. Due to the presence of the yeast enzyme, the peeling perfectly brightens the skin and has an antibacterial effect. After the peeling an ampoule is applied to the face, neck and neckline. Then, the mask is applied. Both the type of the ampoule and the masks are selected individually depending on the problem and the needs of the skin.

For dry skin an ampoule that contains a hyaluronic acid complex, Matrixyl® and isobutylamine is applied. These substances have moisturising and firming effects that improve the firmness of the oval of the face, shallow fine lines and support the regeneration processes. An unusual mask with a quadruple activity of hyaluronic acid perfectly reconstructs the damaged epidermal barrier by providing an optimal amount of moisture in various layers of the epidermis, thereby effectively filling small wrinkles from the inside. Visible signs of fatigue disappear, and the skin is revitalized and regains its natural shine.

For combination and oily types of skin an ampoule of serum that contains kaolin (white clay), green apple and peach extracts, azulene, and panthenol (complex of vitamins B) is applied. These substances inhibit local inflammation, soothe irritations, regulate the activity of the sebaceous glands, shrink pores, and tone and brighten the skin. The mask has strong cleansing and toning properties thanks to the content of kaolin, carrot oil and azulene. It makes the skin stunningly beautiful.
After washing off the mask a facial massage is made and the final cream is applied.

Deep cleansing treatment
The skin is subjected to deep cleansing with special ingredients that gently remove impurities and bacteria. The strong enzyme peeling removes even the most stubborn blackheads and dead skin cells. At the end of the treatment, a special mask with antiseptic properties provides your skin with a feeling of relief and relaxation. The end result is complete control over acne and prevention of blackhead formation, making your complexion bright and radiant. The procedure is recommended for types of skin with blackheads and susceptible to inflammatory conditions.

Banquette treatment
This treatment is lifesaver when you want to instantly improve your looks, but don’t have time for complex beautifying treatments. Every day your skin is exposed to negative factors. This causes your skin to look dull and tierd. Thanks to this treatment we can quickly make you glow and your skin look radiant. The procedure includes make-up removal, peeling and a face mask. It’s a quick treatment before your big event, party or business meeting.

Thalmarin face
This treatment is a rich source of amino acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals to accelerate cell renewal. It fights irritation, regulates blood microcirculation and it is extremely effective in preventing deleterious effects of free radicals. It has strong moisturising, firming and tensing effects by connecting hydrolysed sea elastin with collagen. Sea silk and pearl extract slow down the ageing process. Inflammatory states are reduced and fine lines and wrinkles are shallowed. Skin tone is evened out. Skin firmness and elasticity are improved.

Repagen exclusive
Najwyższej jakości substancje aktywne pozyskiwane w technologii high-tech, skomponowane w nowatorskich kombinacjach, pozwalają na uzyskanie natychmiastowego efektu pielęgnacyjnego. Zabieg REPAGEN EXCLUSIVE jest dostosowany do każdego typu cery dojrzałej. Silnie działające substancje aktywne podczas pięciu etapów terapii stymulują skórę do odnowy, czego efektem jest promienna, elastyczna i odmłodzona skóra twarzy, szyi i dekoltu. Zabieg ten spełnia oczekiwania najbardziej wymagających klientów.

A Classic POWER BOOST treatment
The A Classic – Power Boost Treatment is an innovative all-round anti-aging treatment, which delivers strong results. The skin is detoxified and intensively moisturized, small wrinkles and lines can be minimized and cells regenerated – for a plump fresh complexion. The golden mask and precious active ingredients such as champagne extract and micronized beads help the cell renewal process at DNA level and reduce wrinkle. Particularly suitable for MATURE SKIN.

C Pure face infusion
This novel C PURE Treatment protects and is effective against skin damage, caused by aggressive pollutants and exposure to light. Valuable oils and moisturizers rebalance the skin. Highly dosed Vitamin C refines the complexion.

Repagen exclusive
The ultimate facial treatment for hydration, lifting and anti aging. Using AHA peel with 2 masks algae and vitamin C. Facial expressions, the effects of free radicals, drying and genetics as well as a number of other factors receive skin fresh and tension. Repagen exclusives are so effective thanks to their high-quality ingredients. During 5 stages of this therapy your skin will be stimulated to renewal giving it a radiant and youthful look and a fresh feeling.

Corrective Skeyndor
The corrective skincare Treatment is scientifically formulated to treat deep wrinkles and expression lines both quickly and effectively. It combines up to 9 active substances of proven efficiency to assist in the density of internal tissue, Also plumps up the skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and discourage the formation of further lines. The action of lifting peptides formulations through state of the art technology effectively target pre and post- synaptic activity- relaxing wrinkles, even the deep ones, resulting in restored skin firmness and rejuvenated youthful appearance.

An intensively moisturizing and nourishing treatment for men only. It targets the specificity of men’s skin. Recommended for tired skin with signs of dryness. Preparations used for the treatment include, among others, natural plant extracts, and vitamins.

The treatment consists in removing scaly, calloused skin cells. Due to the high power of the air rotation system fluid is transported into the deeper skin layers. It dissolves rotating tablets containing iron particles, silicate particles and hard material particles. Additionally, there is also the activation of the enzymatic reaction and stimulation of the synthesis of elastin, and regeneration of collagen. Indications for the treatment are the signs of skin ageing: wrinkles, “crow’s feet” around the eyes, blemishes, acne scars, uneven skin, tired, dry, slightly tense skin. It can be safely performed in the case of sensitive, thin, atrophic skin, damaged and old, and in the case of rosacea, because the depth of the treatment is adjusted depending on the state and condition of the skin. High power and efficiency of the device provides spectacular therapeutic effects while maintaining the pleasurable nature of the treatment and almost 100% of the skin’s tolerance. The effect of the microdermabrasion treatment is smoothing, lightening and improving the hydration of the skin and its elasticity. Wrinkles become shallower. The skin becomes even in terms of colour. It is clearly fresher and younger.