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Laser photorejuvenation can effectively improve the skin’s structure. By stimulating the production of collagen, the Ellipse I²PL system is able to reduce wrinkles and size of pores, while improving the quality and overall appearance of the skin. The photorejuvenation treatment/regeneration of the skin allows removing age spots and telangiectasia, as well as diffuse redness and uneven pigmentation. Improvement in the skin texture and reduction of the size of pores and wrinkles are already visible after one treatment. It is a perfect way to treat skin damaged by the sun and passage of time.

Clinically proven treatments that remove long-term pigmented lesions in the upper layers of the skin. The treatments using Ellipse include sending flashes of light towards the skin surface. The light is absorbed by one of the natural chemical substances in the human body – melanin, which is concentrated in the areas of pigmented lesions. Melanin converts the light energy into heat which destroys the pigmented lesion. The visible light generated by the Ellipse MultiFlex system is carefully controlled so that the lengths of pulse and energy are ideally suited for destroying the target without damaging the surrounding tissues. The procedure takes a few minutes. Compared with treatments carried out using conventional IPL equipment, this procedure is far less painful. The treatment also has the highest safety profile. After the procedure, the pigmented lesions darken, and then fade or disappear completely after about 1 week. In some patients 2-4 treatments at 3-4 week intervals should be performed to achieve optimum results.

The latest I²PL and Nd:YAG technologies make the Ellipse MultiFlex a new standard in the treatment of vascular lesions. It allows removing virtually every kind of lesion: from excessive blushes on the face, telangiectasia on the legs and face through hemangiomas, telangiectasia, port wine stains to red scars, stretch marks, veins on the legs with a diameter of 3 mm and more, and other problems. The treatments using Ellipse include sending flashes of light towards the skin surface. The light is absorbed by one of the natural chemical substances in the human body – hemoglobin, which is located in red blood cells. Hemoglobin converts light energy into heat, which is then transmitted to the wall of the blood vessel. This way it is permanently destroyed and removed by the defensive mechanism of the human body. Due to the fact that the Ellipse MultiFlex Nd:YAG platform has been equipped with a concentrated air cooling system (SoftCool T), the discomfort felt by the patient is much smaller.

Acne occurs when one of the natural fats of the skin – sebum – cannot be excreted from the skin because hair follicles are blocked. As a result of such a situation blackheads or pimples are formed. This condition may also lead to development of bacteria under the skin. There may be inflammation and its rupture can lead to scarring. The treatment using the Ellipse system consists in restricting the blood supply to the sebaceous gland, which slows down the production of natural fat – sebum. Ellipse helps to cleanse the skin of acne without using antibiotics.

I²PL Ellipse is characterised by incomparably greater efficiency and safety when compared to other leading laser systems on the market. The treatments are also much less painful. Speed and comfort are unrivalled. Hair removal using Ellipse has become one of the best indicators of hair removal on the market. This has been documented in a number of scientific articles. HR-L+ is a special hair removal applicator which is the biggest and quickest one on the market. Numerous clinical studies have shown that after 4-6 treatments it is possible to reduce hair growth by over 85%. It has also been documented that hair removal with Ellipse provides long-term results (even after ten years). Hair removal – better and faster than ever before.